Yeah, yeah…. I know.

Spring 2009 036

Yeah, Yeah…. I know.

You’ve already heard a dozen people tell you in the past week that it nourishes their soul to spend time in nature. You’ve probably heard even more people tele you that if you are stuck in the muck of a city or semi-urban area, where we homo-sapeans don’t tend to wiggle bare feet in the grass as often as those who own a piece of grass of their own. And you’ve definitely heard someone complain this week about the weather, I’m sure of it, and how it didn’t allow them to spend nearly enough time outdoors. Whether it was too hot, too humid, too cold, too rainy, or any combination of the above, we are such experts at excusing ourselves from spending time moving our legs and breathing in fresh oxygen free of charge. So you don’t need me to remind you how silly we are, passing up such chances to go out and be as free as a bird and as light as a dandelion seed floating down the path.

Yeah, Yeah…. I know.

It’s so predictable for me to remind us that we’ll never regret spending time feeding ourselves with things made in fed in their original forms, like water straight from a spring, or an apple straight from a tree. It sounds so easy to say when you are too rushed to feed yourself because you have a to-do list to take care of, importantly trendy outfits to get dressed into, and people to meet up with who will probably also be running late and love you too much to care that you’re late anyway. So really you have no choice but to drive through a small window and ask a stranger to serve you up some unknown specimen which may or may not give you a horrible stomachache, because really, you just didn’t have the time to feed yourself.

Yeah, Yeah…. I know.

And do you know why I know?

Because I say the same things to myself, every day, and then at the end of the day when I wonder why I’m tired in an unsatisfying and not-so-unfamiliar kind of way, I remember and say, “Yeah, Yeah…. I know.” There are so many choices that I could have made today to give myself a better chance of feeling well.

I could have slept more, I could have read more, I could have eaten real foods that would give me energy and life, I could have paused to ask them how they were doing instead of rushing past, I could have checked in on that one who I know is so lonely, I could have raised my heart rate a bit or taken the stairs to work up a sweat, I could have, I could have, I could have.


Let’s stop feeling guilt and frustration for the “Yeah, Yeah…. I know”s. They will always be there. But more importantly, we won’t always be here, so let’s wake up tomorrow and choose the things that will make us more well as often as we can. And for the good things that we don’t choose to do, it is alright. We can forgive ourselves just this once, and move on to thinking about the next vibrant, healthy choice that we are going to make instead.

There are enough critics out there in the world to think the worst of you. Please, for your own sake, STOP thinking the worst of yourself. I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, Yeah…. I know.

Well, I know too. I say it for all of us: choose the best for yourself, and when you don’t, the best for you is to get back up and be your own best again.

Challenge: Tomorrow, at the end of the the day write down a list of ten choices that you made that day that improved your overall health and wellbeing, including relationships, fitness, nutrition, finances, romance, and anything else that is important for you. Now CELEBRATE those small victories, and forget all about what you didn’t do!


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