Lit from within

Brightly lit Dahlia on the windowsill.
Brightly lit Dahlia on the windowsill.

This delicate Dahlia seems to have a brightness that is not reflected from without, but comes from within. In some sense we are all pursuing this kind of glow, the one that is only ours and can only come from our own unique self.

I understand that we can each access this, that unique something that we have to share with one another. You know that core thing, that burning thing that feels as though it’s just on the other side of that troublesome door inside you that you can’t quite seem to nudge open every day? That is your unique something–somethingS, plural, I should say–and you have a something that nobody else has.

Really, it’s true. Stop holding yourself back and give yourself a little more credit for how incredible you are.

Have you ever looked around at the community which you are a part of and been flabbergasted at how different and particularly talented people are? I mean, let’s be honest, every day you can find someone whom you may have known for years that can drop-your-jaw surprise you with a skill you never knew they had. This is true whether these skillful people are a part of your community at work, your school, your family, or extended network of friends.

I, for one, do not think that this is simply a result of fortune, or a figment of an overly optimistic perspective on life (such a perspective, alas, is one that I have never been accused of having). I understand that these unique somethings are there, within each of us, begging to be dug up from underneath all of our stubborn caked-on safeguards.

What is it that you have layered thickly on top of your unique something like paper mache? I do not doubt that you can still feel that burning unique something within you that must be shared, but I know that we all let our unique somethings dim a bit as we forget to balance ourselves and live as we wish to. Let’s tear off the caked-on paper mache masks that are holding us back from giving our uniqueness to our community.

Mini-Challenge: This week, seek out a way to use your unique something to help someone else. I guarantee, it will feel like that light is being re-lit inside of you. And then there won’t be any turning back.


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